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The Medical Tourism Phenomenon

Medical tourism
Medical tourism

In the past, people almost exclusively received medical treatment in their country or region of origin. It was only aristocracy and the independently wealthy who were able to do any type of traveling for healthcare purposes. As time progresses, however, this trend is changing dramatically. As the convenience and frequency of travel becomes more and more normal to the average person, the opportunity to travel for the purpose of receiving healthcare is also becoming more and more commonplace.

It is still uncommon for the working class to travel for healthcare purposes, but the middle class, who formerly only received domestic healthcare, is now known to embrace the practice of medical tourism. This shows a wider acceptance growing for receiving healthcare out of a foreign country or state. Travel costs are only going to minimize as the world continues to rely more and more on international travel for personal and business commuting, which means we can expect to see medical tourism grow in popularity.

Medical tourism is largely considered the way of the future. It is a very logical system. Every nation practices different types of medicine, and every nation has strengths and weaknesses in their medical practices. Why wouldn’t people go to the country that offers the most expertise in the condition or ailment they are afflicted with? If someone has cancer, they should go to the region of the world that has experienced the most success in defeating cancer. If someone has hepatitis, they should travel to the region of the world with the best understanding of liver conditions.

It is understandable that not everyone has the means to travel to receive healthcare. A great many people cannot afford healthcare in their own country, let alone in a foreign country. Medical tourism will not be accessible to every demographic in the near future, but it is increasingly becoming accessible to more and more demographics. Those who can travel for healthcare should, as it benefits the world economy and the personal health of the traveler.

Travel Between Thailand and Canada for Healthcare

Thailand Canada medical tourismAs a developing nation, citizens and residents of Thailand can benefit a great deal by traveling in order to receive healthcare services. Thailand has a solid, well acclaimed healthcare system of its own, but some of what it offers is limited. As a middle income country, the funding, science and advancements are not quite what they would be in a first world nation. Those Thailand residents and citizens who are able to travel internationally have a major advantage when it comes to accessing quality healthcare.

One desirable destination for Thai people looking to receive healthcare abroad is Canada. Across the Pacific Ocean from Thailand, Canada is welcoming of medical tourists from all over the world, including Thailand. Medical tourism has become a prominent part of Canada’s medical and travel industries. Economically speaking, any country that attracts medical tourists has a lot to gain, which is certainly the case for Canadians. As a world leader in medical innovation, Canada can offer a medical tourist state of the art medical facilities, expert physicians and advanced medicine.

Canada’s medical services are purported to be some of the best anywhere on the globe. Canadian physicians are highly trained and receive the most thorough of medical educations. Canada is home to some of the world’s premiere physicians, as well as a wide range of expert specialists, ranging in skill sets from hepatology to endocrinology to dermatology.  As a first world nation, funding is available to see that medical facilities are kept up with the latest technological advances and medical equipment.

Not everyone in Thailand has the means to travel, but those who do should consider the benefits of medical tourism, especially to countries with reputations for good health practices such as Canada. Medical tourism increases the connection between countries, encourages the free exchange of information and helps the global economy. Enabling people to travel to the healthcare services they need most in the world is the way of the future.

Thailand Healthcare

Thailand travelThailand has a reputation for providing decent healthcare services to its residents and citizens. People living in Thailand are largely satisfied with their public healthcare system and are appreciative that it is socialized and accessible. Thailand has received a great deal of praise at a global level for the way it cares for its citizen’s and resident’s health matters.

The country of Thailand has been providing public healthcare to its residents and citizens since 2001. Though there are some criticisms of the system, over 99-percent of the population is covered by universal healthcare, which makes Thailand a leader among middle income countries with a socialized healthcare system. There are very few other middle income countries that have gone to a socialized healthcare system. When they do, they will likely model their reform on Thailand’s example.

The reforms that were initiated in 2001 made a great deal of difference to the people of Thailand. Citizens and residents pay a co-payment in order to access public healthcare services, but most of the funding for the Thai healthcare system comes from public sector. This makes it a very popular system among the people. It is a system that works considerably well, but some criticisms have arisen. People have complained about inequalities, duplication of resources and rising costs within the system.

Thailand is a country that has some infectious and non-infectious diseases contained and treated, while others are still a major risk factor. Particularly HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis pose a threat to citizens and residents of Thailand. The average life expectancy in Thailand is 70 years old. It is agreed that there is still a great deal of progress that can be made in the healthcare system of Thailand, as well as in the personal health practices of Thai residents and citizens, but all things considered, healthcare in Thailand is a successful endeavor. It stands alone in its region of Asia as the only middle income country to offer socialized medicine.

Canada Healthcare

Canada travelCanadian healthcare is some of the best in the world. Not only has it been a solid public healthcare system for many years, it is also considered one of the leading nations in medical science and advancement. Canadians are reported to be some of the happiest citizens on earth as far as their healthcare is concerned, and its not hard to see why. With one of the most stable and well-established healthcare systems in the Western world, Canada is a prime destination for medical tourists.

The reason the Canadian healthcare system works so well is because it is balanced intelligently between funding from citizens and residents as well as funding from the public sector. Canadians pay premiums on their health insurance. The cost of the premium varies between provinces. Some provinces charge no premium at all, while others charge a flat monthly fee. In addition to provincial health insurance, private insurance policies are available to residents and citizens. Canadians also put taxes dollars toward the public health insurance fund to keep it viable. There is a great deal that the government contributes to social health insurance as well. This ensures that healthcare services in Canada are free or only cost a minimal fee.

Canada is considered a model country for public healthcare, and the best executor of a public healthcare system within North America. Canada is a popular medical tourism destination for this reason. Since medical tourism emerged with the advent of convenient travel around the globe, many have taken advantage of Canada’s advanced medical system. This can be accomplished by paying out of pocket or by purchasing travel insurance. These options can be more costly than receiving healthcare in one’s country of origin, but it can be worth it to receive the premium healthcare within a medical specialty. There are certain medical services provided by Canadian healthcare practitioners that are considered the best in the world. If these services can save a life, are they not worth the travel costs?

Thailand to Canada Medical Tourism

Thailand Canada medical tourismMedical tourism is a phenomenon that has seen a great deal of growth around the world in recent years. When a resident of one country travels to another country to take advantage of medical services, that person is a medical tourist. They are traveling for the purpose of healthcare. Countries in Asia, such as Thailand, are embracing medical tourism.

When it comes to the rising trend of medical tourism Thailand offers reasons to stay and reasons to go. It has become popular to travel to Thailand for cosmetic procedures, such as plastic surgery and liposuction, however, for serious medical procedures, Thailand has its disadvantages. Most physicians in Thailand are specialists rather than general practitioners, so they are not always the best at diagnosing general ailments. Many are also traveling medical specialists without a permanent location to practice out of, so reaching them after treatment can prove very difficult.

For a highly organized and professional medical treatment experience, Thailand residents should consider travelling to Canada. A large number of Thai citizens have already discovered the benefits of traveling to Canada for the purpose of using the healthcare system. This is because the Canadian healthcare system can prove highly efficient when compared to other countries. Insurance policies for travelers give Thai residents access to general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, naturopaths, mental health professionals and addiction treatment services, all under a highly organized medical system that has been called one of the best in the world.

Thailand certainly has specialty medical areas of its own, but when Thai residents require healthcare services that are more complete and more organized, they should consider travel to Canada. There are many foreign healthcare policies available to foreigners coming to Canada, as well as world class healthcare services.