Currently, Thailand is now the world’s leading medical tourism destination and attracts approximately three million people each year. People are being attracted to this country for treatment firstly because of the price. Expensive treatments such as fertility treatment are a fraction of the cost they are in many western countries. 

Asides from the lesser price of treatments, their trained medical professionals are an added advantage. They go through rigorous training, acquainting themselves with new technologies and doing researches. With this, patients have the peace of mind that they are in safe hands, using the best technologies so nothing would go wrong. 

Not only would you be getting good treatment from the best hands and personnel, but the waiting time is also short. Unlike other countries that you have to wait for a notoriously long time after surgery, Thailand hospitals are different. 

Furthermore, Thailand has some state-of-the-art hospitals that will make you feel at home even from the first glancing.

Hospitals like Bumrungrad hospitals and the Bangkok hospitals will make sure you enjoy your stay no matter how long as they have been structured to provide comfort. They offer 5-star services that include; free Wi-Fi, an in-house travel agent to cater visa extensions, translator service for international patients, lounges that offer alcohol-free drinks.

Thailand is one of the easiest to come into, offers expert procedures, unlike other Asian countries. They also grant their medical tourists to stay with visa exemption that is, are allowed to stay for up to 30days without a visa. This system has made access to Thailand medical services so easy that you do not have to join a waiting list.

Interestingly, if you have registered with a medical insurance company, they may consider covering your flight tickets and payment cost. Even if you are not in Thailand, it is still worth checking with your medical insurance company if you are eligible.