Thailand to Canada Medical Tourism

Thailand Canada medical tourismMedical tourism is a phenomenon that has seen a great deal of growth around the world in recent years. When a resident of one country travels to another country to take advantage of medical services, that person is a medical tourist. They are traveling for the purpose of healthcare. Countries in Asia, such as Thailand, are embracing medical tourism.

When it comes to the rising trend of medical tourism Thailand offers reasons to stay and reasons to go. It has become popular to travel to Thailand for cosmetic procedures, such as plastic surgery and liposuction, however, for serious medical procedures, Thailand has its disadvantages. Most physicians in Thailand are specialists rather than general practitioners, so they are not always the best at diagnosing general ailments. Many are also traveling medical specialists without a permanent location to practice out of, so reaching them after treatment can prove very difficult.

For a highly organized and professional medical treatment experience, Thailand residents should consider travelling to Canada. A large number of Thai citizens have already discovered the benefits of traveling to Canada for the purpose of using the healthcare system. This is because the Canadian healthcare system can prove highly efficient when compared to other countries. Insurance policies for travelers give Thai residents access to general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, naturopaths, mental health professionals and addiction treatment services, all under a highly organized medical system that has been called one of the best in the world.

Thailand certainly has specialty medical areas of its own, but when Thai residents require healthcare services that are more complete and more organized, they should consider travel to Canada. There are many foreign healthcare policies available to foreigners coming to Canada, as well as world class healthcare services.